Monday, February 02, 2009

Today's lovely weather!!!!

Just some picture's of update's on our weather, not had as much snow as down south which is strange considering it's usually the other way round where south don't get as much as we do.

Hopefully flights and weather will be back to normal by the Friday as am having a visitor and can't wait much longer to meet him!!! So fingers crossed everyone please lol!!!

I helped the kids build a snowman after school, Shannon's school was not closed today so they had to wait all day before the kids could get to play in it!


Shellie said...

Could you be any nearer to school lol . great snowman girls well done

Nannieflash said...

It seems to me that the Schools in Scotland are a lot better prepared than the ones in England, most of them are closed.
Im glad the girls and mum enjoyed building the snowman.
Hope that you are now Ok and not still upset about last week, I hope that you soon get some good news. Take care love Shirleyx