Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Some cross stitching i did whilst at mums on bed rest grr

A few small pictures i did whilst on complete bed rest at my mums to rest my foot whilst still in plaster.

I get my stitches out tomorrow and a new cast put on, am dreading the stitches out but will be ok mums coming with me to hold my hand lol!!!

Thanks for everyones support in my time of my operation, i have my other foot to get done, i just hope the same complications don't happen with my next operation as they did with this one and am hoping i don't have to wait too long for it, can't wait to wear my nice new shoes!!!

Hoping to put the before and after pics on tomorrow so watch out for those, definate change, you can see a complete difference.

Shell's 30th Birthday Card

Shell's handmade card for her 30th, had a fab time at her party on saturday from what i can remember of it, i was even dancing to the max lol!!!!!

Saturday, May 09, 2009

My Blog Award

I was so surprised to see i have received a blog award from my dear friend Shirley and a big thank you for it.
Nice to see people sharing crafty ideas and looking at other peoples blogs.
Yet again a huge thank you.
Take Care all xxxxx

Finished completely

Well decided to go ahead and finish piglet and make him into the card kit that came with it.

Here he is looking a lot different again now he is completely finished.

Shirley, I don't know how to accept the award, bit of a newbie when it comes to these things as never had one before, any help would be appreciated love.

Thanks for looking xxx

Today's finishings

Well i started piglet card kit on thursday afternoon, never got chance to do any yesterday but just put in the finishing touches just now and is finished ready to be mounted onto the card that came with the kit thanks to Shellie.
Was able to achieve a step today and finally managed to do french knots, i hate those things and used to use seedbeads instead but seen as i have none i had to learn the hard way and after a few attempts i got there in the end so am happy now to say i can finally do french knots, its only taken 10 years lol!!!

Monday, May 04, 2009

Found some mojo at last!!!

Found some much needed mojo today whilst watching the British Superbikes on telly.
Will may add some more later if i get the chance to do some.
Hope everyone is ok.
My Love life is 100% strong for anyone who would like to know!!